Black Cat Photography

Black Cat Photography works with various companies, like Gothic Limousines and Nightmare Jewellery who I have mentioned before and provides fantastic gothic fashion photography.

Black Cat Photography provides a great opportunity if you have ever aspired to modelling and she is keen to work with your concepts and also share her ideas.

Email for prices for different shoots and of course, check out her Facebook page and photo albums.


Nightmare Jewellery

I love it when I stumble upon items that so splendidly complement themes that inspire and excite me. I’ve really fallen in love with Nightmare Jewellery. I first became aware of these stunning jewellery creations when Sian at Top Banana Weddings posted a piece that she thought would appeal to me, and appeal it certainly did.

I’ve now got my heart set on requesting a bespoke piece for myself to celebrate our wedding theme.

I’ve already found several creations that I would love to have, particularly the stunning Harley Quinn themed jewellery. I adore Harley and have blogged about her before.

The film The Crow, is very dear to my heart and the quote “real love is forever” was central to our wedding theme, so I was delighted to note that there is a series of Crow inspired jewellery.

There’s so much to feast your eyes on, and there’s something for everybody looking for some gothic or alternative jewellery.

I’ve talked a lot about Alice in Wonderland themed weddings, and there are some wonderful Alice themed pieces.

For the Nightmare Before Christmas lovers, there’s some beautiful pieces, perfect for Christmas.

For the rockabillies….

For the Hallowe’en party….

If you’re a fan of the “keep calm and….” statements, then there are plenty of fun ones, including this one that is right up my husband’s street!

I can’t wait to put my request in for my own bespoke piece, but there are plenty of designs already that I wouldn’t mind putting an order in for! Do go to the Facebook page and check out the various weird and wonderful creations!