Gemini-Jewels is a supplier of a wide range of jewellery including Alchemy Gothic, Gemini, Miss Chic London, Inspirit and CME.


Their aim is to offer alternative jewellery with original designs, with all items being hand picked from around the UK.



Check out their ranges or contact them regarding custom jewellery.


Medieval Moods


If you’re looking for inspiration for music to set the mood at your medieval themed wedding, then I can’t recommend the Mediaeval Baebes enough. Their music is really enchanting. Their lyrics are inspired by medieval texts and played on classical instruments.

I was lucky enough to see them on a couple of occasions at the Joust Festival at Berkeley Castle and they were very compelling to watch and hear.


Speaking of Berkeley Castle, it’s a stunning venue in Gloucestershire and perfect for a medieval wedding with it’s amazing feasting hall and beautiful grounds.



The castle is exclusively yours for your special day and you can feel like royalty for a day and dine in the great hall, where real fires can be lit in the winter to have that added romantic ambiance.