The Tiara Boutique ~ Victoria Corbin

Victoria Corbin at The Tiara Boutique creates beautifully chic and glamorous tiaras and bouquets. For the bride looking for stylish sparkle, her accessories are the perfect complement to make any bride feel extra special on her special day.

Just look at these stunning trailing bouquets, complete with sparkle.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to a floral arrangement, then how about something that is all sparkle? This gorgeous bouquet actually made me gasp.

As Victoria states on her Facebook page, her mission is to produce not just beautiful pieces to wow on your special day, but also produce a memento for you to treasure and pass down to the next generations. This is a wonderfully romantic idea and a fitting testimony to a happy and fruitful marriage.

Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or vintage, Victoria offers a bespoke service.

Contact her at her Facebook page. Her website is currently undergoing maintenance.

As Victoria says herself, her work speaks for itself….


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