Little Cherry Cake Company

There are so many striking and enticing and talented cake companies out there, and I find so many of the cakes produced by Little Cherry Cake Company appeal to my weird and wonderful tastes. This Alice in Wonderland teapot cake is such fun and I love the quote. I’m very fond of quotes and had film quotes on our wedding cupcakes.

Speaking of films, how amazing is this Alien and Predator cake?

If you’re having a tea party or vintage themed wedding/hen party, then these gorgeous chocolate teacup cupcakes are fabulous.

For the rockabilly fans among you, this is a fantastic rockabilly tattoo cake.

Every Christmas, my husband and I watch The Nightmare Before Christmas whilst we’re wrapping presents, so it has a special place in my heart and we do love singing along to it. I adore this wedding cake, complete with a gorgeous quote from the film and the detail is just amazing.

I love the cake stand too.

Sticking with the theme, if you’d prefer individual cupcakes, or as well as, these are a great complement to the wedding cake.

Tracey has a real fun way with her cakes and she really focuses on making cakes that are unique to the couple.


One thought on “Little Cherry Cake Company

  1. Such a beautiful and unique wedding cakes. The designs are really awesome. Thumbs up for this.

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