Victorian Bridal

Romantic Threads is a sumptuous website selling fabulous ball/bridal gowns in various styles. They have a wonderful Steampunk Gothic Victorian Gowns section which is a little slice of heaven. If you’re having a Victorian, Gothic or Dracula themed wedding, then the elaborate and lavish “Mina Gown” would be perfect.

It’s available in a variety of colours such as purple, green and black and with matching hats.

Gowns are also available in different fabrics by enquiry, including silks, taffetas, brocades and velvets.

If you have flower girls or young bridesmaids to kit out as well, then they also have a lovely range for children.

They ship internationally, but for those of us here in the UK, there is also Victorian Gothic. They have recently updated their website and it looks great.

They are based in East Sussex. The designer is Michelle Artemis (loving the name) and she specialises in Victorian/Edwardian period clothing.

Clothing is customisable and there is also the option to mix and match with their range of corsets and skirts.

Michelle clearly takes great pride in her craft, with all items being made on vintage sewing machines and by hand.

Do check out their website, including their testimonials and customer gallery.


2 thoughts on “Victorian Bridal

  1. Thank you for including Victorian Gothic in you blog. Kind Regards Michelle Artemis.

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