Spooky Candles

For the Goth/Hallowe’en themed wedding, a brilliant touch would be some Weeping Rose Candles. These black candles are wicked because they drip red wax when they burn giving a very dramatic and horror-tastic effect.

weep2 796081

There are lots of stockists of these candles, such as Witchcraft Shoppe, which you can buy as pillar or taper candles. They would look fantastic in a gothic candelabra, like these from Funky Flower Company:


I also really like these fun bat silhouette gothic lanterns!


These Hallowe’en candles by Black Candles Online are also really cute.


For the more romantic gothic theme, check out these gothic rose holders by Alchemy Gothic:



2 thoughts on “Spooky Candles

  1. zombies1984 says:

    You`re one creative lady with some fantastic taste!! These are also right up my alley.

  2. That is a lovely thing to say, thank you! I’m glad you like the things I have been picking out 🙂

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