Gothic and Medieval Tiaras


If you’re planning a Hallowe’en or Gothic themed wedding, then the perfect accent to the black or red dress is a striking and unusual tiara.

I love this bat tiara by Gothic Tiaras.


Where wedding jewellery is concerned, I think it’s important to find somewhere that offers a bespoke service so you can customise to your chosen colour scheme.


These tiaras would also be great for proms, balls or Hallowe’en parties.

If you’re looking for something that’s more fairytale-like, they make really pretty tiaras and accessories at Once Upon A Time Tiaras.


They offer a bespoke service and choices of various crystal and pearl colours to match your scheme.


Or, if you’re leaning more towards a medieval or Elvish type theme, there are some stunning tiaras and circlets that are handmade at Medieval Bridal Fashions.


They also make stunning gowns so you could get your dress and jewellery from the same place!



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