Creative Bridal Solutions


Oh, how I love Etsy!

While it was obviously incredibly exciting planning the big wedding things like the venue, the dress and the flowers, I can’t tell you how much fun I had scouring the internet for those little elegant touches like ring cushions, flower baskets and quill pens.

Etsy is fantastic for obtaining those personal, handmade touches and it just feels much nicer to buy things from someone that makes your items to order. I loved being able to e-mail Etsy sellers after the wedding so they could see how their creations fitted into our special day.


I fell upon Etsy again this evening for inspiration for this very blog post, and immediately fell in love with Creative Bridal Solutions.


They make to order an array of stunning accessories for the Gothic bride in a variety of themes. I remember how excited I got every time I found items that seemed to fit my chosen theme so perfectly, and here they seem to have thought of everything; from guest books to ring cushions to garters!


Not only are the creations stunning, but can be requested in a variety of different colours so you don’t need to fret if you’ve found the perfect wedding post box or candle set, but it’s not the right colour for your theme.


I love the beautiful Gothic red satin ribbons with the bats and skulls, but also the more elegant damask designs.

They’ve thought of everything too, right down to the beautiful damask ring pouches.


Do get lost in their Etsy shop, there are so many wonders to be found!


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